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ACTUM Digital is an official Google Cloud Platform partner. We focus on application development and consultancy.

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Make the Cloud drive your business. 

We are here to help you at any stage of your Google Cloud journey. For new users, we can help with evaluating GCP to creating your first project and planning the migration and cloud strategy. For experienced users, we can help optimize current workflows to be more efficient and maximize the potential. We can provide you with Cloud-Native application development or be your partners and consultants for projects.

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Why Google Cloud Platform

We know that on the market are other players and we can help you with Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS as well. However, our division has Google as the partner of choice. We believe that GCP has huge added value, as there is more than Cloud. You can use also Maps, Chrome Enterprise, Workplace, and cooperate and collaborate efficiently online and much more. GCP customers range from successful startups and digital-native companies to big enterprises  across multiple industries 

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Get Started

We will show you all the benefits of Cloud and how you can leverage the latest and greatest technology provided by the Google Cloud Platform. We will help you to understand the benefits to all stakeholders, from management to engineers. Let's start your cloud journey together! 

  • Cloud Foundation
  • Initial Assesement
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We can help you with many problems during the migration to the Cloud to make it smooth for you. We can provide you with consultations about how to migrate and operate complex distributed systems or legacy applications to the cloud.  We have a method to migrate from a datacenter, a different cloud, or set up a hybrid infrastructure. Once migrated, you can focus on building cloud-native applications without limits. The final solution depends on your business, not the cool factor of the technologies.  Let's start the transformation together!

  • Application Modernisation
  • Infrastructure Modernisation
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Optimize & Evolve

Once your company has adopted the cloud, it's time to evolve to the next level and optimize migrated workflows. By optimizing your applications to a new cloud environment, you will be able to scale more efficiently and use all the features which GCP offers. The next area of focus for you should be better utilization and gathering of data to make better data-driven decisions across the whole organization. Take the next step in Cloud with us.

  • Cloud-Native
  • Data Pipelines
  • Smart Analytics
  • API and Microservices
  • Security
  • Cost management
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ACTUM Digital Center of Excellence for Google Cloud

We at ACTUM Digital love Google Cloud and we decided to support not just our own business activities but also the community around us and GCP. We participate in community events for engineering and organize executive events for upper management to share the Cloud experience. The whole idea is to have a knowledge hub where companies can find experts and engineers, to have a place to learn and share. Through our COE we provide training and other professional services for our clients and the public and we connect companies and partners together!

  • Community Events
  • Executive Events
  • GCP Knowledge Hub
  • Trainings
  • Creating partnerships
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